At the ColoradOS/2 conference in 1996 a group of us had the idea of making Linux run OS/2 LX (Linear eXecutable) format binaries. This would offer a number of benefits including getting the best available GUI (which is still the best now in 1999) running on Linux.

The people involved were (from left to right around the table) Bill Sutton, Chris Matthews, Kelvin Lawrence, Mike Cowlishaw, Ralph Hicks, and me (later Jon Wright became involved, but that was after the photo - he wasn't at the pub with us). The initial idea came up when Chris and I were talking about Linux etc and wandering around one of the local townships (Breckenridge from memory). When we met up with the other people at a pub named the "Village Pub" we continued discussing it. We needed a name so we decided to call it the Village Pub project.

Unfortunately like 99% of all such ideas no code ever got written, but we spent an interesting day discussing how it could be done. ;)

The photo was supposed to include the sign saying "Village Pub" but the bar-maid who took the photo didn't manage to get that part in.

Click on the picture for a close-up.

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