Brenda's wedding

Taking the old rhyme something old, something new literally this wedding was a pleasing mixture of the traditional with the less traditional.

But first a brief look at the days leading up to the wedding.

The journey began for me the way journeys always begin: with a train trip. This time 2 hours from Paris to Rennes, sharing a seat with a loquatious Frenchwoman and her little dog. Unusual? French. Most importantly the dog was cute. Then I had a few hours to catch up with Brenda before the real rush of wedding planning began, at which stage I was lucky enough to meet those crazy Germans, the Eidems. Why crazy you ask? Just look at the next picture of Willy repairing one of those traditional German Christmas windmill things.....

The evening then continued with the boys playing a couple of games of pool. The bridegroom is at the front right with his back to us. Unfortunately my 'surprise the victims to get a better shot' style of photography means that one does not always get the desired photos: e.g. one of the bridegrooms face :'(

During this time the women drank fruit tea and discussed the weightier matters of life. N.B. the lovely beams from the 17th century.

The next day I got out of Brenda's hair with the help of the Eidems, who kindly agreed to take me with them on a tour around beautiful Bretagne. I was really surprised to discover that the old city centres in France are actually old, in contrast to Berlin and German cities, where often only 1 building in 5 survived the WWII bombs.

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