First station Nuremberg to see the famous Christkindls Christmas market. Nuremberg is a beautiful city, but the market itself wasn't very special: the rules ensuring that the market remains "traditional" are so strict that the entire market is composed of 3 or 4 different stalls, every grill stall has the same sausages, every mulled wine stall, the same mulled wine. And then they have the weird prune men stalls: little Arnies out of prunes and walnuts. Unfortunately I'd run out of batteries that evening, so the photos are all from the next morning.

This is the view through the city, across the first stalls of the Christmas market up to the fortress/castle.

A little bit further down the road come the beautiful old hospital, now a restaurant:

Then one of the several churches:

Then the "beautiful spring" of painted and gilded carved wood(?) depicting kings of the middle ages etc.

But one of the nicest things about Nuremberg was its beautifully restored medieval fortress